Life in the sauna

April 13th, 2015 by Louis | Permalink

When we bought our home, I knew we would need central air. My husband on the other hand, was a cheap scape and was happy with one window unit in the living room.

It was like living in a sauna during the summer months. Our living room was the only room with Manchester air conditioning and it became a catch all. It became my office, the kids’ playroom, a dining room and a living room.

One day my husband came home to a kid on his recliner, two on the couch, another playing with Legos on the floor and a fifth in the baby swing. He didn’t have a place to sit.

That day he called a HVAC company to get us central air.

The house seems bigger now that everyone isn’t piled up in the living room and every room is comfortable to be in during the summer.

Your Work Assistant

February 27th, 2015 by Louis | Permalink

Business owners today are finding it very hard to survive in this economy and even more difficult to actually grow the company. Staff members are either being laid off or given additional work loads to increase productivity while keeping the focus on increasing the bottom line. Here is where you can utilize your local print shop to help you pick up some of the work load at a minimal cost.

Rather than writing interoffice notes for each department, contact your print shop and order some NCR sets so you write it once, and then simply have the duplicate copies already to give to staff. Have the print shop create memo pads, packing slips, inquiry forms and follow up letters in bulk, so your staff is free to focus on the business at hand. You can purchase just about any items needed to run the company smoother in bulk, and save money and valuable time to increase the productivity around the office.

Traditional 1874 Historic Home

January 13th, 2015 by Louis | Permalink

In a historic village located in New York, is a historic traditional house with a detached garage. This home and garage was built in 1874 and is still standing today with current residents residing in the home. The home has been completely remodeled inside. The garage of this 1874 home has the original bricks that the garage was built with. Inside were two different working spaces and in the middle of the garage was a parking space for one car. In the one working space it was turned into a “clubhouse” type of area. There was a rock that was found there that stuck out, and that no one else had ever found. Once the rock was found it was noticeable that it was a cristobalite type of rock. The outside of this rock was a bulging gemstone. Later to find out that it was a Canadian diamond gemstone.

Its Not For Everyone

January 10th, 2015 by Louis | Permalink

Golf is a very unique sport, which is not for everyone. Personally, I hate golf! You have to use the right club for the right shot. You have to either walk the course and use a caddy for your clubs, or rent a golf cart. It is so boring, you hit around a little ball over hills and valleys, not to mention the obstacles to make it more challenging, such as lakes and sand bunkers. If your ball goes in the lake, its gone. If it goes into the silica sand bunker you can possibly get it out with quite a bit of effort. On a different note, putt-putt golf or better known as miniature golf is fun. It has different interesting features, such as waterfalls and animals. It is intended to be fun, where as regular golf is made for the sport. You stand around with the guys in the hot sun, drinking beer, waiting your turn. This is not my idea of fun.