I Really Thought I Was Going Deaf

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Like many people, I always took my hearing for granted. However, I began to realize how precious this sense was when I thought I was losing it. It started about six weeks ago. I was watching television and began to experience ringing in the ears. I thought the television was too loud, so I turned it down. The ringing did not go away. A couple of days later, I began to have difficulty hearing my co-workers, children and husband. That was when I knew something was wrong, so I gave my doctor a call.

My doctor examined me and determined there was a very simple solution to my problem. My hearing was impaired because I had so much wax. My physician performed Stockport ear wax removal, and I have not had any problems with my hearing ever since. Now, I realize how fortunate I am to be able to hear.

Couple Watching

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If you sit at any restaurant and look around you can tell how long a couple has been together. The couples who just started gay dating are quietly talking, eat in small bites and never finishing the whole plate. The couples who have been together for awhile are barely talking, shoveling food into their mouths and taking home all the leftovers.

The reason that new couples act differently is because they are trying to make a good impression. Long term couples have already made their impression and are now comfortable with each other. When people work so hard to make that good impression they forget to have fun. It becomes about impressing the other person with your behavior and less about whether you actually like the person. When the good behavior wears off how do you know you will still like them. Couples should act natural from the begining to successfully find the perfect person.

A Night On The Town

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After a long week at work quitting time was welcome. At home my two kids in bad moods because the plumbing was backed up. I’m divorced so the house problems are mine. Worse, the sitter couldn’t stay for the evening.

I called my friend who was supposed to take me out that night to cancel. She said she’d be arriving with a babysitter and to help me get ready to go have some fun.

An hour later she arrived. The babysitter was a young cousin with experience. Okay, one problem down. Next was getting ready. My friend had brought a dress she knew I’d look great in. I didn’t look great, I looked exhausted.

My friend knew what she was doing. She dragged a small suitcase into the house. It was loaded with cosmetics. She covered up the tired look like a professional wedding makeup artist Manchester. The results were amazing and so was our night on the town.

Tickling the Toes

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While on a family vacation our family of four were staying at a beach resort with access to the sandy beach and boating all day long for two glorious weeks. It was almost like camping except that we had a comfortable two bedroom cabin with a kitchen to prepare our meals.

Every morning after breakfast we would all head out to the beach for swimming and playing in the sand. There was a tremendous amount of sand and one day our mother told us that we were playing in silica equestrian sand and it was the best sand to play in. Even though we were on vacation my younger sister and I thought the name of the sand was interesting. We made tracks in the sand, took turns covering each other up with the sand. Best part was to let the sand tickle our toes as we walked along the beach.

The Morning Dance

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The Morning Dance…you know the one I’m talking about. It’s no Rumba, definitely not a Waltz. It could, I suppose, resemble a Salsa due to the speed. I’m talking about the multi-tasking and speed that it takes for a mom to get everyone up and out the door on time for school. If we were to post a Bolton CCTV in the home of Beth, mother of Lincoln (2), William (4) and Kate (9), this is what her morning dance would look like.

6am Wake up to the sound of Lincoln’s feet running down the hall to her room.
6:01 Put him in bed with her so she can sleep longer.
6:15 6:30 6:32 Wake up to the poking of little feet in her back.
7:00 Lay awake browsing Facebook on her phone while he lays comfortably over her head sleeping soundly horizontally somehow forcing her to sleep on the last 6 inches of the king-size bed.
7:30 Get the rest of the crew up and ready for school.
7:35 Remind everyone to brush teeth, go potty and brush hair.
7:40 Make breakfast. Ok, put waffles in the toaster and spread some peanut butter on them for protein.
7:45 As Beth’s morning dance of packing lunches, braiding hair and filling water bottles continues in hyper speed she is stopped in her tracks…interrupted by a mysterious flushing sound.
7:46 She discovers that yes, once again Lincoln tried to flush the remote. Thankfully…it didn’t go down…like the toothbrush did. Causing a major flooding incident just a few days prior.
7:47 Close and lock the bathroom door to prevent Lincoln from entering and flushing more items.
7:48 Return to packing lunches, braiding hair and filling water bottles.
7:50 Unlock the bathroom door for William who needs to go potty. Again.
7:53 Sign Kate’s agenda and report card slips.
7:54 Write a check for the book order that is due.
7:56 Write a check for a fundraiser order that is due so Kate can earn fantastic junk…uh, prizes.
8:00 Realize Kate’s homework had a front AND a back. Rush her to finish it while she eats a waffle being careful not to drip the peanut butter on her shirt because it’s picture day…shoot!!
8:01 Write a check for school pictures.
8:10 Call everyone to action…Kate’s brown boots are missing. The gray ones are in the closet, they don’t match. The black don’t even come close. She must have brown. It’s critical. It’s picture day after all! Even though she wore them the night before. They’ve vanished. The search team must find and locate them! Too bad the search team is 2, 4 & 9 and the worse finders ever!
8:15 FINALLY Beth finds the boots. In the car. Of course. Why wouldn’t they be in the car?!
8:16 Another mysterious flushing sound. William forgot to shut the door. This time it was a (thankfully mini) Captain America. He didn’t survive. All that is left is his shield which Lincoln is holding with a death-grip as he has a super sensor that tells him when William wants something causing William to melt down.
8:18 Tell everyone to head to the car instructing them to bring waffles with them.
8:20 Coats. Where are the coats?!
8:21 Find the coats in the car.
8:22 Catch the cat who got out the door when they were finding coats.
8:23 Change Lincoln’s diaper.
8:25 She finally gets out the door and buckles William and Lincoln into their car seats.
8:25 Something smells.
8:26 Head back in the door to change Lincoln’s poopy diaper.
8:30 Sprint out the door and zip out of the driveway to avoid being late for school…again.
8:35 Realize the gas light is on…and the sensor says zero miles left.
8:40 Offer up a prayer that they’ll make it…they live in the country. There are no gas stations in the corn fields.
8:43 Make it to school in time. Barely.
8:44 Pull up for Kate to exit. Look right at the teacher on duty and say, “I love you” as she is closing the door for Kate who is already far enough away it’s clear the “I love you” wasn’t for her…
8:46 Post to Facebook about the embarrassing proclamation of affection to the teacher.
8:47 Drive to the next school to drop off William.
9:00 Head home to recoup just in time to do the dance all over again the next day.

Life in the sauna

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When we bought our home, I knew we would need central air. My husband on the other hand, was a cheap scape and was happy with one window unit in the living room.

It was like living in a sauna during the summer months. Our living room was the only room with Manchester air conditioning and it became a catch all. It became my office, the kids’ playroom, a dining room and a living room.

One day my husband came home to a kid on his recliner, two on the couch, another playing with Legos on the floor and a fifth in the baby swing. He didn’t have a place to sit.

That day he called a HVAC company to get us central air.

The house seems bigger now that everyone isn’t piled up in the living room and every room is comfortable to be in during the summer.

Traditional 1874 Historic Home

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In a historic village located in New York, is a historic traditional house with a detached garage. This home and garage was built in 1874 and is still standing today with current residents residing in the home. The home has been completely remodeled inside. The garage of this 1874 home has the original bricks that the garage was built with. Inside were two different working spaces and in the middle of the garage was a parking space for one car. In the one working space it was turned into a “clubhouse” type of area. There was a rock that was found there that stuck out, and that no one else had ever found. Once the rock was found it was noticeable that it was a cristobalite type of rock. The outside of this rock was a bulging gemstone. Later to find out that it was a Canadian diamond gemstone.

Its Not For Everyone

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Golf is a very unique sport, which is not for everyone. Personally, I hate golf! You have to use the right club for the right shot. You have to either walk the course and use a caddy for your clubs, or rent a golf cart. It is so boring, you hit around a little ball over hills and valleys, not to mention the obstacles to make it more challenging, such as lakes and sand bunkers. If your ball goes in the lake, its gone. If it goes into the silica sand bunker you can possibly get it out with quite a bit of effort. On a different note, putt-putt golf or better known as miniature golf is fun. It has different interesting features, such as waterfalls and animals. It is intended to be fun, where as regular golf is made for the sport. You stand around with the guys in the hot sun, drinking beer, waiting your turn. This is not my idea of fun.